Thursday, 5 December 2013

Fabric tracking system. - helpful gift for the fabric stash lover.
"Sewing or quilting stash out of control?
This printable fabric organizer brings new order to fabric collections. With space for a fabric swatch and details about yardage, fiber content and more, these printable pages will help you create a master fabric notebook.
Tame the stash ... and get sewing!
What they said :)
 Why not add this printable to a folder in clear sleeves and a home made coupon promising 2 hours (or an afternoon) of your help with the task. What a wonderful gift for a crafty friend.
Officeworks has these under $5 AUD. Cheaper are available, but the quality makes a big difference.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

"Hose" gardeners gift basket.

Pictured here is the "hose" basket made by Robby Towill (a gifted artist and friend.) 
She informed me the idea was from the internet so I looked for a how to guide, naturally...
The one I found was a little different, but you get the idea.

Now imagine this filled with coffee grounds, tea, washed & crushed egg shells and other garden food you would normally throw away. perhaps a plant or some homemade labels, seed packets, seeds, ... what an unexpected and useful novelty. 

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Simple frame loom and upcycled yarns = crafters gift. (can be varied for young and older).
 (More suited to 12-120 year olds) Just use old frame. Nails.

Cereal box = Child's loom. Why not use grasses, plarn, material scraps, left over gift ribbons, whatever is clean and available. This kit could then be gifted in a shoe box covered with picture ideas.

Older folk might enjoy this.

Reclaiming and cleaning yarn.

Above is the tutorial you have been looking for. I have spend hours upon hours researching. 
This is "the one".

< How to make "plarn".

Rag rugs- a dedicated, unique gift. Bonus Video, how to make T-shirt yarn.

If you are not the crafty DIY type why not consider putting together a Pinterest board of upcycle crafts like these and gifting some T-shirt yarn, easy to make from old T-shirts, to a crafty friend.

This cutie is made from vintage sheets.

I always think it is remarkable when someone who doesn't even speak the same language as I do can share a wonderful idea. Crafting really is a universal language at times. I wish I could say "Thank you for sharing" to the original person who put this out there.
                  This guide is in English with great step by step photos if you would like to see and read what to do.
These would be great in team colours as bench cushions too. Made from plarn they would be wonderfully light and water proof.

Jessica over at Peppermint twists, shares how she made a rag rug after a simple class.
(clear photo guide included.)
I wonder if an orange bag could be used as the "base", 
                                                                    or even old fly screen wire with plarn for outdoors?
Green plastic bags (non degradable) become fake lawn rugs. Oh the possibilities!

 "In the past, wooden picture frames, or a similar wooden shape, were used for the loom. My loom is constructed of pine and finishing nails. "  A little history story is entwined with this practical, easy to follow photographic style tutorial. Simple written guide. This loom and some Tshirt yarn and/ or Plarn would make a great gift in itself.

To quote Apartment therapy "This rug is made from old fabric samples and tape but you could also sew it if you wanted something more durable.
(There are 6 mats in the round up but we will not hold that against them.)

Upcycled gift: T-shirt or shopping bag yarn. Can be used for knitting, crochet, weaving, even basket making.

Basically T-shirt yarn and upcycled shopping bag yarn ("plarn") can be used in most projects which wool, cotton or acrylic yarn can be used.

It is a unique gift for crafters who enjoy Knitting, crochet, weaving, basket making, the list goes on.
How to make T-shirt yarn:

Made from plarn by this wonderful lady...
This 83 year old Russian woman makes the most beautiful designs from simple plarn, Find more about her here.

A soft, light, waterproof "picnic" blanket. (Crochet).

This is great for "outdoor" types. It is light and made from "disposable" shopping bags. A little bit of cushioning/ insulation against cool, damp grass at twilight concerts. Gifting this to the homeless is also a very thoughtful idea, but not the only use for this clever mat.
Find a clear and descriptive video guide to crochet for beginners here. Just use plarn instead of yarn. (Plarn is plastic shopping bags turned into yarn.) The plarn can be made as the woman below shows ...
Or in this continuous way...